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Did you say PETS???

I most certainly did!

After all, animals are equally loved members of our families. We rely on our animal companions to provide affection, devotion and boundless friendship.  They are our biggest fans and most trustworthy confidantes, asking only for our attention and time in return.

It goes without saying that inherent to this relationship is a bit of a language barrier. No worries - Universal Energy offers healing to all living creatures, regardless of our native tongue or presence of opposable thumbs.

And by the way: the placebo effect? Doesn't exist in animals, plant life, water samples, light refraction...just sayin'...

Why animals?

Why not?


Reiki is a therapeutic energetic approach utilized in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, rescue organizations, and within the comforts of one's own home. Just like humans, an animal's energetic balance is key to maintaining wellness, healing through illness or injury, finding peace with emotionally challenging situations, and to easing transition between life and death (Fulton & Prasad, 2006).

It's very important to remember that Reiki is not a substitute for professional veterinary treatment - it is an IINTEGRATIVE healing approach that supports all medical and holistic methods.

Whereas Reiki can be provided hands-on or from a distance, our furry, feathered and four-footed friends have the freedom to seek out, maintain or conclude treatments at their discretion, thus providing a safe and flexible environment for even the most skittish of participants. As with all standards of ethical practice, Reiki is sensitively offered with respect to the animal's expressed and observed needs and preferences.

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Which animals can benefit from Reiki?


Whereas our animal kingdom is quite varied, what we all have in common is L.I.F.E. And we all need energy to animate this life, which means that energy needs to flow at a balanced rate in order to maintain equilibrium. Sometimes we run a little low on fuel, sometimes we spring a leak, there can be a clog in our system, and every other metaphor for the mechanisms within our bodies as well as outside of them. With such differing levels of sensitivity and needs, some animals are very sensitive and can get overwhelmed (e.g., nervous dogs). Others will take in as much energy as possible, for as long as possible (cue cats). And sometimes we just have to, most literally, go with the flow.

Prior to actually working with animals, I not only completed my Animal Reiki Certification, but also Veterinary Assistant Training so that I would be better equipped to understand the various physiological needs and non-verbal behaviors that vary between species. I am Captain Safety when it comes to appropriate, informed, gentle and principled practice, and my scope of practice remains the same whether you are a hedgehog or a homo sapiens. 

During a session, I meet your pets where they are: if that means I stand outside of a corral, across the room, on the other side of a window, or with your buddy sprawled across my lap (again, cue cats...), that's what I do. I follow where the energy takes me when working with any life form, and just like with humans, I respect personal boundaries and levels of comfort. 

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